15 October 2008

Good Morn

I really need to eat more for breakfast. I purchased a bunch of turkey bacon from Costco last week and still have three packages left. One at my place, two at my sisters, but I'm trying to leave one over the ladies' place for when I'm over and hungry. Anywho, I've been trying to enjoy cereal while I can (goodbye to complex carbohydrates come 2009!). I have Honey Nut Cheerios and Peanut Butter Capn Crunch. Yeayer. Just had a cup of some delicious coffee Dan bought. We're using the french press on the daily.

Yesterday Sammee and I had a whole bunch of errands to run: Target for a book, Ross for a dress, Best Buy for an internal hard drive, Kona Kitchen for lunch (their amazing fried rice and their fries). We had some fun times. After NOT finding the book at Target (and seeing Sam get hella angry about it), we went down to Best Buy to look for a hard drive for her half-dead computer. Oddly, we found her book there. We didn't grab a hard-drive because I was looking for an alarm clock as well and since we had time we went on the suggestion of heading all the way to Renton for Fry's. We met up with Tiff at Kona Kitchen and killed what we ate. Good conversation as well. Did our little road trip during the beginning of traffic hour and when we all arrived at Fry's we split up, looking for our own things.

At night after teaching class I went over to the ladies' place off Fremont to attempt to fix Sammee's computer tower. Hung out, made some meatballs, chatted- good ol' Q.T. Good times since I hadn't seen Sam, Sheena and Tiff in what seemed like forever. [I also just finished my second cup of coffee]

Found a link off of Facebook to a dope collection of STAR WARS merch! I need money now!

Damn that shit was good! (;

I wish I had a smaller camera to carry around and take random pictures. That, OR A BETTER PHONE! asdf

iPhone or Blackberry Bold? [refer to link above]

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  1. dude, they got some other cool stuff on that website with the sw merch..